A collection of musings, articles and news about romance fiction.

Why a Wedding is the Perfect Example of a Romance…

Will They or Won’t They?

Picking a book is like picking a partner. You see the prospect across a crowded room (or bookstore), and something about him/her/it just catches your eye and holds it. Then you decide to meet.

First of all there’s the look of your prospective catch, the feel, the smell, the surprises you discover within, and the near-obsession to snuggle down in bed with it as soon as possible. The excitement of the unknown and unfamiliar that grabs you and won’t let go until you satisfy your curiosity. I’m still talking about books, people!

Some will prove to be riveting, entertaining and fulfilling, and you’ll learn something new, maybe even about yourself, in the process. Some may leave you just a little disappointed, and wondering why you wasted your time on the schmuck. Er, book. And then there is the suspense – will they or won’t they? Do you keep reading/doing, in the vain hope that something will change, one of you, uh, the characters, will get that aha! moment and then all will be rosy? Or is it with a sense of dread that you turn the next page, because you can see the writing on the wall? (Page!).

I had the good fortune to attend a wedding recently, and let’s face it, there are really two reasons for attending a wedding – a) a sense of professional or personal obligation, or b) because you know the couple, you’ve cheered them on through their relationship, toasted their highs, commiserated their lows, and this celebration of their relationship is just as much for you as it is for them. Yay! The recent wedding was attended for the latter reason (of course), but admittedly, the couple had a storybook romance.

No, wait, don’t roll your eyes.  This couple came from different worlds, and had to overcome what looked like insurmountable odds at times, experienced their black moment, and worked hard for their resolution, while still maintaining an appropriate level of attraction and sizzling tension throughout.

But it did make me think that for all our anxieties, doubts, fantasies and whimsies, in the end we just want to take him/her/it home and find intimate comfort in our friend. Your significant other. The book.

By the way, drummers at a wedding – AWESOME!


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