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Tuesday Tidbits with Veronica Scott

Thanks so much for joining us, Veronica! Tell us about yourself…

I grew up in a house full of science fiction, history, and other books, and when I ran out of things to read, I inevitably started writing my own stories. I got married at 19 to my high school sweetheart, was then widowed quite young, now have two grown daughters, a very energetic 9 year old grandson and cats. I’m always reading, writing or on twitter (except when I’m at the day job or on the freeways!). I’m very happy to be here today, thanks for inviting me!

What made you want to write THIS story?

I enjoy the Egyptian setting and there was a challenge involved in taking a character like the Crocodile God through an emotional arc. He’s been around since the universe was created yet never felt true love, doesn’t really relate to humans until he meets the right woman! Which puts his immortal heart in serious jeopardy of being shattered…

Tell us about your hero – why is he so special?

Sobek is always depicted by the Egyptians as either crocodile or half man/half crocodile. Some legends say he created the universe from chaos but then other gods came along, like Isis, and he took a back seat. He stoically continued his duties tending to the Nile, keeping it flowing smoothly and flooding on schedule. As a writer, I found him and his backstory intriguing. Looking at a painting of him one day, I realized he was a shifter, to use our paranormal terminology. If the half man/half crocodile form was a partial shift, obviously he could shift all the way and take human form if he wanted to. The ancient Egyptians just never saw him do it! But since I now knew the truth, I could write his story. And most importantly for a paranormal romance writer, he could fall in love with the right human woman.

And your heroine; why is she so well-suited to your hero – or not?

What kind of woman would appeal to a Crocodile God in his human form, would cause him to fall in love for the first time ever? Crocodiles are very sensitive to sound, so I felt that Merys’s beautiful singing would be what first attracts him, sight unseen, as well as the fact she enjoys singing the traditional songs he hasn’t heard in a long time. Merys is descended from a long line of priestesses, so she’s not afraid of him. She continues to do her best to keep the abandoned temple in some kind of order, which he appreciates, having been pushed aside by newer gods. Then as he gets to know her, he starts to understand the feelings of a human heart…

What draws you to writing historicals?

I don’t give myself credit for writing a historical novel as such. I do the research but then I shape my version of Egypt 3000 years ago to work with my paranormal tendencies. Once I decided to involve the gods and to create my own pharaoh, I went into a slightly alternate universe. I gave myself permission to tell the fast paced stories in my head, try to be as true to the actual time as I could be but no claims to 100% historical accuracy here!

Ancient Egypt is such an interesting time period – what made you choose that as a setting?

I’ve always been intrigued by ancient civilizations, how we try to piece together the puzzle of their history from broken monuments, tombs and fragments. The Egyptians were so focused on the aspects of the afterlife, yet you can see from the tomb paintings and household items how much like us they were as well. It’s fascinating to contemplate living in another time and place, and the adventures you – or your characters – could have. Did you turn up a detail in your research that really surprised you? I was amazed to find out how much the Egyptians respected the Crocodile God, hand raising large groups of crocodiles at certain temples, feeding them choice tidbits, adorning them with jewelry for the big festivals, even mummifying them. I knew about the Egyptians’ love for cats but had never heard of the crocodiles receiving similar treatment.

What books/characters did you like to read, growing up, and how have they inspired you in writing this story?

Two books in particular stand out for me, as far as Egypt – Mara, Daughter of the Nile by Eloise Jarvis McGraw and Shadow Hawk by Andre Norton. Both told exciting stories against the rich background of history and left me wondering what happened to the characters next. I loved historical fiction, science fiction – anything that transported me to another time and place and had the elements for adventure!

What are you working on next?

I’ve got more stories in this connected series in various stages of editing and submission. I love Ancient Egypt and the ideas keep flowing. I just finished book #3, tentatively titled “Dancer of the Nile” and sent it to my Critique Partner.

Veronica’s novel, Priestess of the Nile, can be found at Carina Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and all good e-tailer sites.

If you want to catch up with Veronica online, here is where you can find her:





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