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Tuesday Tidbits with Karly Lane

Thanks so much for joining us, Karly! Tell us about yourself…

HI! Thanks so much for having me.

Well, I’m a full time writer as of this year, thanks to my baby starting school. I have 4 kids, a dog, one husband and four chooks. I live on the beautiful Mid North Coast f NSW in a little place called Macksville and I write rural fiction as Karly Lane and Romantic Suspense under Karlene Blakemore-Mowle. I am often found talking to my imaginary characters, while refereeing children’s arguments, writing a love scene and cooking dinner…..welcome to my life!

How did you get started writing?

I had an obsession with romantic suspense and one day I ran out!!! What’s a girl to do? I hear you ask? Well, I decided to write one myself! It couldn’t be that hard right???!

What was your journey to publication?

For years I floundered about having no clue – it was harder then because I didn’t even have the internet back then (Seriously, people, WHAT did we do before the internet?!) Eventually, after about 12 years on and off between children I joined RWA and suddenly found a whole new world of ‘others’ like me… strange creatures who liked to talk about writing!!! It was amazing! I finally found a place where I belonged! Anyway – through RWA I discovered different avenues to publish in (who knew there were other publishers other than Mills and Boon?) I submitted to an American publisher and got my first book accepted.

That was a massive year for me- I had four books in total published that year, including North Star with Allen & Unwin who I decided to submit a rural fiction to after having my other books published.

You write under two different names, and yet are multi-published under both. How hard is it to write productively under two different names? What are some of the challenges that come from this?

First challenge is working out who I am on Facebook! My alter egos quite often answer each others posts and it can get a tad confusing sometimes! I didn’t actually plan to have two different writing names- it just happened that way. I’d submitted my romantic suspense and had them accepted – and I hadn’t really given my writing name any thought- I’d just published under my married name. When I was contracted with A&U though, it was a different genre and in Australia, so I decided to keep it separate to the romantic suspense and go with my maiden name for the rural fiction titles. So basically, it worked out well.

Your books have been described as Australian Rural Romance, Romantic Suspense, Thriller – how would YOU define your writing?

The Karly Lane titles are primarily rural fiction, however they differ, I guess, from some of the other rural fiction out there because they centre mainly around communities as opposed to ‘farming’, and there seems to always be some kind of family secret/mystery type thing running through them. They aren’t as action-based suspense as the Karlene Blakemore-Mowle romantic suspense titles.

What is your ‘call’ story, when your first work was accepted for publication?

It was all very low key actually- I was a tad disappointed because I was picturing a phone call from a publisher and fainting rather dramatically as I got the ‘call’… but it didn’t exactly pan out that way – I received an email saying they’d like to publish my book and that was pretty much that! I did however jump about and do a happy dance so it was probably a good thing there was no phone calls… I’m not sure I could have pulled off sounding cool, calm and professional!

Tell us about your most recent release– Morgan’s Law – what drove you to write THIS story? Why is it so dear to you?

It came to me as we were travelling home from a family trip through Central QLD. We’d gone a different route home and so there were some little towns I hadn’t been through before and it was all very new and exciting and I just had the thought ‘what would happen if someone close to you died and wanted to be returned to a town no one in the family had ever heard of before?’ This sparked a whole heap of questions and the plot developed from there.

What have you learned about readers since getting published?

That they are very intelligent, and have exceptional taste when they like my books!!! Actually the thing I’ve learnt about readers is, given the same page of description, a group of readers will all come up with completely different images of what they think a place or a person looks like! It’s amazing! I love that even though I might be writing about a town and I can see it my head—a reader might be picturing a completely different kind of image- and that’s fantastic- because that’s what reading is all about- using your imagination.

What have you learned about writing since getting published?

It’s not as easy as you’d think!!!

What are you working on next?

Very excited about my next project- it’s based on an actual event that happened in my town back in WW1 and through the research I have found so many fascinating things about my history and the place I live. I can’t wait to share this book with you all next year!

Thanks for visiting, Karly!

Karly can be found online here:

Website: http://www.karlylane.com/ and http://karlybm.webs.com/

Twitter: @karlylane






2 responses

  1. I love the sound of your WWI story, Karly! And your beautiful covers. Thanks Shannon, for hosting Karly!

    May 8, 2012 at 9:41 am

  2. Karly Lane

    Thanks Imelda 🙂 and a huge thanks to Shannon for having me xx

    May 8, 2012 at 12:43 pm

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